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Viva la VIDA

With a bit of efforts I was able to free up some disc space. VIDA installation needed that. Now I know, how my car is assembled and working.

Yesterday, I have dismantled part of interior to hide a wire for the dash cam. The wire, that came with the cam is too long, about 3 meters, and disturbs driving, not saying, that it also takes valuable socket on the dash board.

During the process it came out, that I haven’t such a long mini-USB cables. Didn’t start to cut original one in case of. So I just visited nearby mall with partly disassembled interior and that was just half an hour before mall was closed. Fortunately got there ideally suit cable.

Installation took no more than 10 minutes. There is a large free space between roof and the holster. The most challenging was hiding the wire between the front pillar and glove compartment. There was everything isolated and the USB plug was clinging to it.

I did took power from the USB accessory unit wire, that was also available at the glove compartment.

Interior disassembling and the next assembly took much more time, than the installation. VIDA is not very picky on details, so there were some unexpected latches. And when you have unscrewed all the required screws and the gentle pulling does not help to remove the detail, you have to check surroundings thoroughly to not to break anything. Eventually it came out, that you have just to pull harder. Latches are good there.

The next step would be a power steering oil cooler installation. I would have to dismantle front bumper for that and may be the cooling fan from the block of coolers.