28.05.2012 – Restricted area. Maritime Academy roof

I was dealing with old photos on my hard drive and found this trip.
We have managed to get onto Maritime Academy roof while it was working yet.
I had to find time to stitch the panoramic photos from the roof and eventually publishing this report.

All pictures are clickable. Full sized pictures are available from the gallery at gallery.dmmedia.org

We have passed the security under weared like cadets. I even had to get my reflectors off my backpack.

We got onto the top floor using one of the elevators. There was unlocked door to the terrace, where I have taken above picture.

To get to the roof itself, we had to go through the technical floor, which doors also were opened for a while, and we exploited that.

There are electric devices on this floor, just like in other buildings.

Mostly electric panels and ventilation systems.

Here are elevators motors also located.

And their electromechanical brains.

Every elevator call button push or floor selection button push, every entry and exit makes these relays to click fast configuring timers and motors.

The further we were going through the floor, the more interesting devices we met. The modern panels at first

Which had such an interesting temperature alarms underneath

Then we have suddenly faced cell phone base stations. This photo shows two cabinets installed on different times. One is pretty old, installed when the company had a name Radiolinja, and the second is more recent, installed after renaming to Elisa.

EMT base station located on the nearby wall

Some operators do uninterruptable power sources from a stack of conventional batteries

And wall mounted invertors

Others use specialized UPS rack devices

Some more tech porn and we can go further

As expected there are antennas mounted on the roof. We had to avoid their active areas.

Besides other, there were couple of radars installed in different periods

As this building is among the highest in the area, it was pretty convenient to capture panoramas from there.

A view on the Laagna street and Tondiraba residential

Katleri and Kuristiku residentials

Kuristiku and the beginning of Mustakivi

A view over Mustakivi, Seli and Priisle residentials.
Behind them there is a chimney of IRU heat and electric station.

Exit was easy. We met nobody on our way, although elevators were periodically in use.
We said goodbye to each other and went doing other business.

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