RigidBot 3D printer

No posts for a long time. But there was a reason. And the reason name is RigidBot 3D printer.

I have received it after almost 2 years waiting fulfilment of Kickstarter campaign. Pledged for a 10x10x10 inch sized in kit form. The package was about 42 pounds in weight. And I had to pay additional international shipping cost, since campaign starter, Michael Lundwall, has gone out of budget, making it succeed.

Couple of pictures unboxing printer:

White roll of PLA was one of campaign stretch goals, and two others are “wannabe” neon red PLA, which turned out to be rose and black ABS.

Assembly process was almost straight forward, thanks to the instruction. Here you can see the progress of the first evening:

And on the second day, together with my girlfriend Ksenia, we have basically done the assembly:

After that there was a small break for a few days, while I was researching and fixing the RigidBrick – the RigidBot power supply, as it is named in the community for its lowest Chinese quality.

Mine came in so-so quality, and I could fix all the defects. It still works flawlessly for passed months until present moment.

First prints were calibration cubes, of course, but I will not stop on them here and will make a separate post on calibration. First actual useful print was a plastic spool insert for better and smoother plastic feed:

Here is how it looks installed:

There were many bad prints also. For example one of them is the bracelet below.

It looks good, but support structures got stick in several places to the bracelet itself so much, that trying to get them apart, just ruined the print. Some prints need thorough work on laying them out on printers bed and tweaking settings. Simpler prints can be just sliced and printed right away.

Altogether, print quality is much better than I expected and with the help of community I started to improve it even more and the printer itself also. But that’s another story.

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